• Shortcrust Ready Made Pastry - Gluten Free
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Shortcrust Ready Made Pastry - Gluten Free

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Gluten free flour, butter (milk) xanthan gum and lots of love and patience! An be refrigerated for up to 3 days, can be frozen. Use at room temperature and knead until pliable before rolling.

This Gluten Free Pastry can be used for sweet and savoury baking.  Change it's colour with ingredients like Cocoa or add essence for flavouring.  What ever you decide to do with this pastry, you can be sure of 100% satisfaction.

Please contact us for wholesale quantities.  Restaurants and deli's also welcome.

Pack size: 4 x 240g = 960g


WOW - I am so happy to have found the suppliers of these pies - the GF pasty is so delish - even better than my sister in laws regular pastry - its honestly the best pastry I have tasted. The fillings are wonderful - especially the cherry, almond, amaretto and on top of that - mum and dad are the nicest people you will find. Go on - you know you want to!!!!

Totally rescued our Christmas from the doldrums by supplying some fantastic gluten - free shortcrust pastry!
Since the ds brand disappeared a few years ago we have struggled but this year we were back, making our own mince pies and sausage rolls in advance and freezing them till we wanted them!
Hooray for Mum and Dad

Seriously THE best and most versatile pastry I have ever used. I have used it for spicy cinnamon biscuits, cocoa tart base, chicken and also fish pie. It is almost a cross between shortcrust and puff pastry. It doesn't need to be blind baked which saves so much time and bother. I always buy 4 packs and freeze them as they come in handy 240g portions individually wrapped and i just defrost what i need when i need it!

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