• Cherry Pie - Gluten and Dairy Free
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Cherry Pie - Gluten and Dairy Free

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Gluten free flour, vegetable shortening, cherries, sugar, (egg) wash.

All meat is sourced from local producers and suppliers such as Farmer's Choice, 


Sizes: (weights and size may vary depending on the ingredients and the evaporation during transport)

Medium approx. size:  110mm diameter and 38mm deep; Approx.weight: 180-200g

Large approx. size:  120mm diameter and 38mm deep; Approx. weight: 270-300g


Cooking instructions:

Defrost thoroughly in the refrigerator or per weight ratio inmicrowave (removing foil)

Place the pie on a baking tray into a pre-heated oven.

180°C • 160°C fan • 350°F • Gas mark 4 for 25 minutes

Results may vary depending on the oven, so make sure the pie isheated through.

All pies are posted Frozen to ensure the best results. 

Perfect to add to your freezer to use as and when required.

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