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Dairy Free Pies

Take a look at our wide range of our dairy free pies at Mum and Dad's Kitchen online. As always, unbelievably gluten free but tasty to coeliacs and non-coeliacs alike.

Bramley Apple Pie - Unbelievably Gluten Free


( £1.20/100g)

At the core of this pie are delicious sweet apples. Served hot or cold with ice cream or custard (or both? naughty!). Give this pie a try don't let some one else pip you to it. Wi..

Pulled Pork - GF


( £1.45/100g )

 Our pulled pork pie is a Cracklin' good pie filled with free range pork generously coated with smokey bbq sauce and an Oinking good apple sauce and stuffing, topped with..

Steak and Ale - GF


( £1.45/100g )

Steak and Ale?. Ale and Steak?. Beef and Beer?. Does it really matter? Grass fed beef together with gluten free ale creates our delicious Ale of a good Pie Approx. size: 111mm..

Cherry Pie - Gluten Free Pie


( £1.20/100g )

Cherry Pie...this one could be catching so best to put some cream on it. (Doctors orders!) Filled to the top with succulent little red cherry gems. It's time for you to blossom and..

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