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Vegan Pies

Bramley Apple Pie - Unbelievably Gluten Free


( £1.20/100g)

At the core of this pie are delicious sweet apples. Served hot or cold with ice cream or custard (or both? naughty!). Give this pie a try don't let some one else pip you to it. Wi..

Blackberry and Bramley Apple Pie - Gluten Free Pie



A truly homely fruity combination...From the tree to the hedge to the pie!  What a pair! (Excuse the punnet!). Served hot or cold, our fruit pies are simply irresistible!With ..

Vegetable Curry Pie - GF,


( £1.28/100g )

Ruby and Murray''s vegetarian friends like this pie. Our delicious Deep Filled Pie Approx. size: 111mm diameter and 69mm deep; Approx. weight: 350g Note: (weights and size may va..

Cherry Pie - Gluten Free Pie


( £1.20/100g )

Cherry Pie...this one could be catching so best to put some cream on it. (Doctors orders!) Filled to the top with succulent little red cherry gems. It's time for you to blossom and..

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